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This page summarizes the new features that Sorkin Computer Service has to offer.

In the Works

  • Black/White list for anti-spam filtering

  • Live system status page


Now Available

February 2004:


  • WebMail has been upgraded.

  • WebMail has a new look and lots more features including spell check and forwarding.

  • The new look can also be customized to your personal preference.

  • WebMail is faster to load than before.

  • Sync with your PDA/Cell Phone over the internet is now possible.  Please contact Sorkin for more information on connecting.

  • Access your email with your Cell Phone on a low bandwidth connection.  Perfect for GPRS.

  • Special characters in the subject line will no longer cause access problems.



Spam Checking

  • Your email can now be checked for, and marked as spam.

  • Black/white lists will be available soon to customize your incoming email.

  • This service is being phased in during the last week of February.

  • All of our customers will have this service FREE for 3 months so you can decide if you like it.


New Web Site logging

  • The older web site logs have been upgraded

  • In addition to the existing logging format, there is a new, more graphical, format available.

  • Both reports are accessible in your "logs" folder:
    (Notice the difference in the file extension html and htm)
            An upgraded version of the normal web logs.
            A new graphical version of the web logs.

  • As always, the web logs are generated each day just before midnight.



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